Hoa organic is a French brand committed to sustainable production. This is why we guarantee, through our certifications, that our articles are produced with the least possible chemical substances, that our textiles are made of organic fibers and that they have not been tested on animals. Our clothes are mainly made of organic cotton and recycled polyester.
As cotton production is not possible in Europe, its certifications are issued by organizations that verify on site that the crops are grown without pesticides and that the farmers are properly remunerated in order to offer you a more equitable and sustainable consumption.


We offer clothing for outdoor fashion and outdoor activities such as skiing, surfing, skateboarding and riding. You will therefore be able to enjoy the good quality of our products, which are renowned for being very comfortable and soft.


It is by combining our passion for board sports and our observation of the climate emergency that Hoa Organic was born.

Indeed, the textile industry is one of the most polluting in the world due to the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers but also through a significant consumption of water in production, among other things.

The idea was therefore to offer eco-responsible clothing with its own designs, perfectly suited to outdoor fashion. To avoid overproduction, each item is made to order.

In all transparency, the prices that may seem high are in fact the right price in relation to the work carried out. Indeed, it includes the work of producers of fair trade and organic raw materials, transport, the work of European manufacturing industries and the work of retailers in France.

Your purchase, in addition to dressing you in style, therefore contributes to more sustainable consumption and the creation of fair jobs and allows part of the order to be donated to the Respect Océan association.